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Literary Prizes and Cultural Transfer

Edited by Petra Broomans, Mathijs Sanders and Jeanette den Toonder. Assistant editor: Elise Bijl

Series: Studies on Cultural Transfer and Transmission 9

ISBN-13: 9789493194380

Publication year: 2021

Publication type: Book

Pages: 275

Cover: Softcover

Format: 135 x 200 mm portrait; full colour

Price excl. VAT: 39.00

Price incl. VAT: 42.51

Literary Prizes and Cultural Transfer addresses the multilevel nature of literary and translation prizes, with the aim of expanding our knowledge about them as an international and transnational phenomenon. The contributions to this book analyse the social, institutional and ideological functions of such prizes. This volume not only looks at famous prizes and celebrities but also lesser known prizes in more peripheral language areas and regions, with a special focus on cultural transmitters and their networks, which play a decisive role in the award industry. Cultural transfer and translations are at the heart of this book and this approach adds a new dimension to the study of literary and translation prizes.

The contributions reveal the diverse ways in which a cultural transfer approach enhances the study of literary prizes, presenting the state of the art regarding recent developments in the field. Articles with a broader scope discuss definitions, concepts and methods, while other contributions deal with specific case studies. A variety of theoretical and methodological approaches are explored, applying field theory, network analysis, comparative literature and cultural transfer studies.

By providing multiple perspectives on the literary prize, this volume aims to contribute to our knowledge and understanding of this intriguing phenomenon.

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Preface 7

Petra Broomans, Mathijs Sanders and Jeanette den Toonder
To Be Awarded, or Not to Be Awarded. Is that the Question?
Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of the Study of Literary and Translation Prizes in the Context of Cultural Transfer               9

Petra Broomans
Literary and Translation Prizes in the Cultural Transfer Process
The Path Towards Ultimate Consecration              17

Jos Joosten
The Fault Line of the Literary Field
Awarding Literature in the Netherlands Through the Ages             45

Mathijs Sanders
‘A Window Onto Our Continent'
The European Prize for Literature 2011-2020        67

Lore De Greve and Gunther Martens
The Audience (Dis)Agrees
Studying the Impact of Award-Winning Bookson Lay Literary Value Judgements Using Social Media Data            85

Margriet van der Waal
Rewarding an Imagined South Africa
Literary Prizes in South Africa Before and After 1994         131

Jeanette den Toonder
Literary Awards in France: How Diverse, How Inclusive?
Goncourt versus Femina               159

Stella Linn
Pride and Prejudice
The Martinus Nijhoff Prize for Translations 1955-2020      187

Jana Rüegg
Nobel Trajectories
The Publishing of the Nobel Prize Laureates in Literature 1970-2016 in Swedish Translation            211

About the Authors           235

Abstracts             239

Bibliography       245

Index    263

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