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The Alkhan

A Hunnic People in South Asia

Hans T. Bakker

Series: Comp to Hunnic Peoples in Central and South Asia 1

ISBN-13: 9789493194007

Publication year: 2020

Publication type: Book

Pages: 142

Cover: Hardcover

Format: 170 x 240 mm. Full colour illusttrated.

Price excl. VAT: 45.00

Price incl. VAT: 49.05

This book is the first fascicle in a series that is designed as a reader's Companion to a Sourcebook that presents all written sources with regard to Hunnic Peoples in Central and South Asia from the 4th to the 6th centuries of the Common Era.

Both these books are the outcome of an international research project, funded by the European Research Council, which aimed at collecting and exploring the texts regarding the Eastern, non-European Huns in more than a dozen original languages.

The first fascicle of the Companion Series focuses on the history of Hunnic People in South Asia, where they are known as Hūṇa in Sanskrit literature or Alkhan according to their own coinage. These Alkhan entered the Subcontinent in the 4th century. The fascicle reconstructs the history of the Alkhan kings, Khiṅgila Toramāṇa, and Mihirakula, and the impact of their invasion and control of large parts of Northern and Western India on Indian history and culture, in particular on the Gupta Empire. This history is shown to be interrelated with historic developments within the Sasanian Empire and historic events to the north of the Hindu Kush.

This first fascicle of the Companion and the Sourcebook (D. Balogh, ed.) are published simultaneously by Barkhuis, Groningen. In the coming years other fascicles in this series will appear, exploring the collected sources with a focus on the history of Hunnic Peoples in Central Asia.

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List of maps and figures   vii

Preface    xi

Introduction    1

Chapter One    The Sasanian and Gupta Empires and their Struggle against the Huns    9

Chapter Two    The Hūṇas in Early Sanskrit Sources   37

Chapter Three   The Alkhan in the Northwest of the Subcontinent: Two Early Epigraphic Sources    43

Chapter Four   Toramāṇa's Country    59

Chapter Five   The Hunnic Wars    70

Bibliography    105

Indexes    119