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Building Liberty

Canada and World Peace, 1945-2005

Conny Steenman-Marcusse and Aritha van Herk (Eds)

Series: Canada Cahiers 11

ISBN-10: 9077922059

ISBN-13: 9789077922057

Publication year: 2005

Publication type: Book

Pages: XI, 339

Cover: Softcover

Format: 150 x 220 X 24 mm; 583 g; b & w ill.

Price excl. VAT: 36.79

Price incl. VAT: 40.10

Many different events and projects commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. This volume of essays and poetry collects various perspectives on the 1940-1945 war years in the Netherlands and the role Canada played in its liberation. The presence of Canada and Canadian soldiers in 1944-1945 resulted in a strong and abiding connection between the two countries over the past six decades. This connection was strengthened by considerable Dutch immigration to Canada during the ten years after the war, but has also been underscored by their political and social similarities: these two countries must negotiate with powerful and sometimes intransigent neighbours. 

The political and historical essays represented here critically portray Canada's role in matters of war and peace since 1945. Ko Colijn addresses Canadian and Dutch positions on the question of Weapons of Mass Destruction. From a historical point of view, Doeko Bosscher challenges the role of the Canadian army in liberating his home town of Groningen. The personal variant of building liberty is explored in Aritha van Herk's essay on immigration and desire. Christl Verduyn reflects on occupation and liberation through the lens of photojournalist Kryn Taconis' life. Janice Kulyk Keefer interrelates the writings of Etty Hillesum and Naomi Klein, and how both demonstrate the ethics of responsibility. Literary essays by George Elliott Clarke and Frank Davey focus on the resonance of poetry. The final section of the book is devoted to poetry, illustrated by Claire Weissman Wilks.

The sixty years between 1945 and 2005 have marked a long and flourishing friendship between Canada and the Netherlands, nations united by shared chapters in their histories, and by their dedication to freedom and to a positive future. This volume is an acknowledgement of that friendship, and an example of the intriguing scholarship evoked by the Dutch-Canadian connection.

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Building Liberty is Volume 11 of the Canada Cahiers, edited by the Association for Canadian Studies in the Netherlands, see the ACSN website.


Acknowledgements.   Letter from H.R.H. Princess Margriet.   CONNY STEENMAN-MARCUSSE & ARITHA VAN HERK, Building Liberty, Canada and World Peace, 1945-2005: Introduction.   TOBIAS VAN GENT, The Allied Assault on Walcheren, 1944.   ARITHA VAN HERK, Inventing a Family Tree: Is it Possible to Be a Dutch-Canadian?   CHRISTL VERDUYN, A Piece of the Picture: Kryn Taconis, Dutch-Canadian Photojournalist 1918-1979.   KO COLIJN, Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Medium-power Concern?   HOUCHANG HASSAN-YARI, A Diminishing Middle Power? Canada's National Security and Peacekeeping.   HUGH B. MCCULLOUGH, The End of a Foreign Policy Era: Constraining Influences on Canada's Foreign Policy in the Matter of Peace and Liberty.   MASSIMO RUBBOLI, Canada, Peacekeeper to the World? Myths, Values, and Reality in Canadian Foreign Policy.   DOEKO BOSSCHER, Canadians and the Liberation of the Netherlands: Heroes, Competitors, Friends, and Foes.   CONSTANTINE E. PASSARIS, Canadian Multiculturalism and the New Global Economy.   GEORGE ELLIOTT CLARKE, Writing the Pax Canadiana: Terror Abroad, Torture at Home.   FRANK DAVEY, Earle Birney in Holland.   DANIELLE SCHAUB, Caught between Desire to Live and Sense of Duty: Traumatized Narrative in Alan Cumyn's The Sojourn.   JANICE KULYK KEEFER, Purgatorial Postcards: the Writings of Etty Hillesum and Naomi Klein;   Sources Poems and Drawings.    JANICE KULYK KEEFER, Circumstances; A Small, Silent Voice; Just an Ordinary Jew; Vortex; The Thinking Heart of the Barracks; Packing for Transit; The pitifully thin, incessant wailing of the babies.   GEORGE ELLIOTT CLARKE, Dona Beatrice I; Dona Beatrice III; Poem 3.   FRANK DAVEY, The News; The DPs; The Bad Men.    CHRISTL VERDUYN, Departure; Landing; Arrival; Simcoe; Flying Dutchman; Clearing.