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Inseparable friends in life and death

Heinrich Kuhl (1797 - 1821) and Johan Conrad van Hasselt (1797 - 1823), students of prof. Theo van Swinderen

Charles Klaver

ISBN-13: 9789077922316

Publication year: 2007

Publication type: Book

Pages: IX, 105

Cover: Softcover

Format: 205 x 205 x 12 mm; 355 g; b. & w., full colour ill.

Price excl. VAT: €25.00

Price incl. VAT: €27.25

Heinrich Kuhl (1797-1821) and Johan Conrad van Hasselt (1797-1823) studied natural history and medicine respectively at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands from 1816 till 1820. During their studies they travelled widely through Europe, and met with famous scientists of the day in Germany, England and France. Due to their extraordinary qualities they were, in 1820, appointed by the Dutch government as the first delegates of the newly founded Commission for the Study of the Natural Sciences of the Netherlands East Indies to study the natural history of that region. Unfortunately their promising lives were cut short by their premature death.

This biography describes their lives, their considerable accomplishments in Europe and the Dutch East Indies, and their place in the scientific community at the time, especially in zoological systematics. The results of their systematic studies are shown to be still relevant to present-day science.

About the author

Charles Klaver studied biology and library management at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in 1976. He published on herpetological subjects, especially on the systematics of chameleons. Since 1981 he is employed by the University of Groningen as assistant to the Librarian.

Extra information

Overzicht van de boeken in de serie Biografieën van Groningse Hoogleraren.

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Foreword VII.   Preface IX.   Introduction 1.   Youth in Hanau and Doesburg 5.   Student in Groningen and Europe 9.   Explorer in Java 19.   Retrospect 27.   Notes 35.   Bibliography of Kuhl and Van Hasselt 57.   References 65.   Appendix A: Index of zoological scientific names by Kuhl and Van Hasselt and commemorative names 79.   Appendix B: Synopsis of the nomenclatural status of the herpetological names created by Kuhl and Van Hasselt in the published letters from Java 91.   Acknowledgements 95.   Photo credits 97.   Index 99.