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A mind set on flint

Studies in honour of Dick Stapert

M.J.L.Th. Niekus, R.N.E. Barton, M. Street & Th. Terberger (eds)

Series: Groningen Archaeological Studies 16

ISBN-13: 9789491431135

ISSN: 1572-1760

Publication year: 2012

Publication type: Book

Pages: 539

Cover: Hardcover

Format: 210 x 290 x 33 mm; 1914 g; full colour ill.

Price excl. VAT: €84.00

Price incl. VAT: €91.56

This volume comprises papers presented to Dick Stapert on the occasion of his retirement from the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (University of Groningen) in 2011 and celebrates his scientific career. The contributions cover nearly 300,000 years of Human History and were written by colleagues, former students and friends. Topics include the making and use of fire, children in the Stone Age, spatial analysis, and other themes related to the study of the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and beyond.
This is the second edition and a hardcover book. The first edition, a softcover volume with ISBN 9789491431012, is out of print.  
Preface   7
G.J. Boekschoten, G.R. Boekschoten, J.H. Looijenga & M.J.L.Th. Niekus
Introduction by the editors   9
M.J.L.Th. Niekus, R.N.E. Barton, M. Street & Th. Terberger
‘A mind set on flint’   11
G.J. Boekschoten
Part I – The Lower & Middle Palaeolithic   25
1 Wie „modern“ war das kulturelle Verhalten von Heidelbergern und Neandertalern? (with English summary)   27
H.-J. Müller-Beck
2 Some reflections on fire usage in the Middle Palaeolithic   41
W. Roebroeks & P. Villa
3 Some workpieces by Middle Palaeolithic apprentice flintknappers from the Netherlands   49
L. Johansen & D. Stapert
4 Fellow travellers on the ‘great trek’? – Some thoughts on British MIS 3 Neanderthals and spotted hyaenas   77
P.B. Pettitt
5 Neanderthal finds in Schleswig Holstein? – Middle Palaeolithic flintscatters in Northern Germany   93
S. Hartz, J.R. Beuker & M.J.L.Th. Niekus

6 Hälleflinta – ‘Next best’ or even better than flint?   107
J.R. Beuker
7 Late Middle Palaeolithic artefacts and archaeo-stratigraphical dating of the bone gravels (Knochenkiese) in Central Westphalia and the Ruhrgebiet (Germany)   119
M. Baales
8 Palaeolithic radiocarbon and the retouchoirs from Mauern (Germany)   141
J.H. van der Plicht
9 Trace formation, strike-a-lights, and the contribution of functional analyses for understanding Palaeolithic contexts   149
V. Rots
Part II – The Late Upper Palaeolithic   163
10 Identifying dwellings in Upper Palaeolithic open-air sites – The Magdalenian site at Monruz (Switzerland) and its contribution to analysing palimpsests   165
D. Leesch & J. Bullinger
11 Revisiting ‘intentional breakage’ in the British Late Upper Palaeolithic   183
R.N.E. Barton
12 A presumed ‘Creswellian’ site in the Leudal near Neer (province of Limburg), the Netherlands   193
E. Kramer
13 The cores from the Creswellian site at Zeijen (province of Drenthe), the Netherlands   203
E. van de Lagemaat
14 The ‘Eastern extension’ – New data on the Hamburgian in Poland   217
J. Kabaciński & I. Sobkowiak-Tabaka
15 A new Hamburgian site near Stroe (province of Gelderland), the Netherlands   235
E. Rensink & J.-W. de Kort
16 A lot of good points – Havelte points in the context of Late Glacial tanged points in Northwestern Europe   251
S.B. Grimm, D.S. Jensen & M.-J. Weber
17 Milheeze – A very large Federmesser site on the northern edge of the Peel peat bog (Southern Netherlands) and its environmental and social context   267
N. Arts
18 Two sites to every story – Late Upper Palaeolithic site variability in Denmark   281
K.B. Pedersen
19 The Pope, a miracle and an Ahrensburgian windbreak in the municipality of Waalre (province of Noord-Brabant), the Netherlands   295
J. Deeben & J. Schreurs
20 The ‘big sieve’ – Some notes on the discovery of the Mesolithic and Late Upper Palaeolithic in the Netherlands   321
H.T. Waterbolk
Part III – The Mesolithic & Neolithic   341
21 The underestimated fish? – Early Mesolithic human remains from Northern Germany   343
Th. Terberger, B. Gramsch, J. Heinemeier & S. Schacht
22 Dance and suspense – Reassessing Dutch Mesolithic anthropomorphic engravings   355
L.B.M. Verhart & F. d’Errico
23 Spade paddling on a Mesolithic lake – Remarks on Preboreal and Boreal sites from Duvensee (Northern Germany)    369
K. Bokelmann
24 Camping and foraging in Boreal hazel woodland – The environmental impact of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers near Groningen, the Netherlands.   381
H. Woldring, M. Schepers, J. Mendelts & R. Fens
25 Dværgebakke I – A Danish Mesolithic site with activity areas for children?   393
T. Møbjerg
26 Reflections on the Mesolithic burial pits at Mariënberg (province of Overijssel), the Netherlands   401
L.P. Louwe Kooijmans
27 Struck by an infectious light – Neolithic strike-a-lights in Swifterbant (province of Flevoland), the Netherlands?   425
I. Woltinge
28 Dating the objects from Rolde and Molen van Bels in the Northern Netherlands – Neolithic ‘handaxes’ revisited   433
L. Kiers
Part IV – Miscellaneous contributions   447
29 Seven archaeological surprises at the ‘Trout Site’ (Greenland)   449
E.B. Petersen
30 IJzer als echtheidstoets – De omstreden Vermaning-artefacten: vervalsingen of niet? (with English summary)   457
F. de Vries, L. Postma, M. Postma, M.J.L.Th. Niekus, H. Paas, H. de Kruijk & J. Timmner
31 “Ik weet ook hoe snel praatjes ontstaan” – Assien Bohmers en vier vervalsingsaffaires in de Nederlandse archeologie (with English summary)    473
A. Carmiggelt
32 ‘First contact’   505
G.L.G.A. Kortekaas
Appendix   523
List of Dick’s publications   525